Carson City Attractions

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Carson City attractions focus on nature and history. Some of the most high-profile of these include the Capitol Complex in the heart of town, where visitors can stroll among the lawns and trees of the seat of government or step inside and see the bronze artworks and the portraits of the state's governors. Or take a walk through the historic district, and you can spot the houses that were the homes of many of the people who played roles in founding and developing the community. You'll even find the Governor's Mansion here. Many of the city's museums also reflect our ties to government, while others are showcases of art, history and education. Of course, any list of Carson City attractions should include that activity that draws so many tourists to the Silver State, the legalized gaming industry. The capital city has a number of casinos, ranging from the long-established and venerable gambling halls to the shiny and new casinos full of neon and chrome. But there are also the more traditional draws that you would expect to find in a city our size, such as golf courses, performing arts (if you time it right, you might be able to catch a murder-mystery dinner theater production!), libraries, a college and more among the Carson City attractions.

Carson City Attractions Outdoors

All of this, and we haven't even touched on the green spaces throughout the city. There are many wild and scenic Carson City attractions in the valleys, hills and mountains and along the Carson River as it flows through town. And something that many people don't realize is that Carson City actually has a designated rural section that reaches over the mountains to the west and over to Lake Tahoe, a hold-over from the past when there used to be an Ormsby County.

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