Carson City Activities and Programs

Situated adjacent to high desert valleys, alongside the Carson River and nestled against the Carson Range, Carson City activities and programs take advantage of the unique geography and history of the region to provide a wealth of opportunities for fun. For those who enjoy the outdoors, there are countless programs designed to get you out and about, from hiking and biking to fishing and exploration. Something that many people don't realize is that the boundaries of Carson City technically extend up over the mountains and into the Tahoe Basin, to the California border out near the middle of Lake Tahoe. This oddity hearkens back to the days of Ormsby County, and the result is that Carson City activities include many more options for rugged outdoor sports than many other municipalities can offer. Even in the more urban parts of the capital city, the parks and green spaces are available for other outdoor programs. And if indoor activities and programs are more your speed, there's no shortage of them here. Between the state and city resources, you'll find all sorts of gatherings and things to do, from arts, entertainment and education to indoor sports and activities. In fact, your biggest problem will be in finding enough time to fit it all in.

Carson City Activities at Museums

Given its status as the center of state government for Nevada, it's not surprising that Carson City activities and programs include a lot of presentations and exhibits at the city's museums. But it's not only history and government that are featured at these institutions. In addition to the state facilities such as the state museum, the mint and the historical society, there are also museums highlighting such interests as trains and railroads as well as a fun children's museum.