Carson City Great Plates

Including Minden, Gardnerville & Genoa Great Plates

There is such a wide variety of Carson City restaurants that it can be hard to keep track of them all. Just when you think you know about all of the dining options, it turns out that there is a restaurant around the corner that you've never had a chance to eat at yet. To help you stay on top of all of the different delectable eats, don't miss out on the Carson City Great Plates section. This is where you'll find the restaurants that have that special menu item that is a local legend. It's where we clue you in to the places where the meals are so good that the regular diners don't want anyone else to find out about them. And it's where you can find out about the food that all the locals order when it comes time for a big celebration or a special event. Some of these Great Plates are hidden in among the normal lineup of entrees where a visitor to town might pass them by without ever knowing about them. Others are hidden away at certain Carson City restaurants where a tourist might never venture. That's why it's so important to check out our listings. Otherwise, who knows what you might be missing?

Specialties of Carson City Restaurants

Some of the Great Plates in Carson City are to be found at the casino restaurants. These eateries have the experience and the resources to work on a dish until it is perfect. Many of the locals plan their dining around the menu offerings at the casinos. Other Great Plates are hidden away in the Carson City restaurants tucked into unlikely places around town. These can be harder to find, so aren't you glad to have us to do all the research for you!