Carson City Casinos

The Capital City has a lot going for it, but to be honest, there are a lot of other cities that can also boast a great arts scene or proximity to a wide choice of outdoor recreational opportunities. But something few other cities can claim is a selection of legal gaming establishments. The Carson City casinos set this town apart from any other seat of state government in the country. And while we might not have the mega-resorts that you'll find in Las Vegas, there is a nice range of establishments, from the larger casinos that also have restaurants, entertainment, lodging and other activities on site, to the old-school gaming halls that hearken back to the historical roots of the city and even a few casinos that are smaller, located in out-of-the-way spots and frequented mostly by the locals. If you have the hankering to participate in a little bit of gaming, you'll have to decide if you want the glitz and chrome and neon, the dark, wood-toned atmosphere or the small, smoky room tucked away around the corner of a side street. The Carson City casinos help preserve a certain sort of rough-and-tumble character to our town and to keep it from becoming a homogenized clone, indistinguishable from any one of hundreds of other small cities across the West and throughout the nation.

Amenities at Carson City Casinos

Even at the smallest of the Carson City casinos, you'll be able to find some adult beverages and usually some pub fare. But if you're looking for a location that has other activities to offer beyond just gambling, there are casinos where you can also bowl or see a movie, take in some live entertainment or dine on one of the best meals in town.

Max Casino

Max Casino
Carson City Casino
900 S. Carson Street, Carson City
(775) 883-0900

Max Casino is an exciting rebirth of an iconic Carson City location just south of downtown. Formerly the Carson Station Hotel and Casino, the Max has been given a fresh makeover and rebranding. The main gaming area includes more than 300 of the latest video slot and poker machines. It's a favorite of locals and tourists alike, and gamblers can enjoy the lucrative Max Rewards... read more

Max Casino is an exciting rebirth of an iconic Carson City location just south of... read more