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Carson City is a complicated place. It's calm and simple on the surface with a whole lot going on underneath. For one thing, it's a nice little city with a lot of shopping opportunities, professional services, arts and entertainment surrounded by a nice rural and agricultural region. It creates another layer of activity being located in Nevada, having the casinos and gaming action going on. Throw in the fact that Carson City is the capital of the state, with all of the politics and legislation that this involves, and you've got yourself a bustling little metropolis. With all of that coming and going, it's easy to miss out on something you really wanted to be involved in. One way to stay on top of all the A-list events is to be sure to check our weekly blog. You'll get the news from people who know the capital city best, with the inside story on everything happening from Washoe Valley all the way down to Indian Hills and the Carson Valley and from C-Hill on over toward Mound House and Dayton. From the politicians and the professionals to the ranchers and the retirees, from the state workers to the casino executives, we'll keep you up to date on everything you need to know!

Blog Posts of Carson City

It could be an update of what local bands are playing the lounge circuit this week or a preview of the lineup of celebrities on tap for the Nevada Day parade. Maybe it's a highlight of several top hiking trails in the surrounding hills or some tips for fishing the Carson River. Whatever it is that you want to know about Carson City, just be sure to visit the Carson City blog on a regular basis, and you'll be the best-informed person in town!

Featured Blog

Haunted Carson City, Part I

By Bryan Akerley | Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Have you ever taken a walk through Carson City’s historic Westside District on an October evening, just as the sun sets? The blue line-painted sidewalks are dusted with dead leaves while the overhanging trees glow yellow and orange. The beautiful Victorian homes lining the streets all embrace the Halloween festivity... Read More

Haunted Carson Valley

By Bryan Akerley | Wednesday, October 11, 2017
As the sun sets on Carson Valley this place that is so rich in history and filled with the earliest stories of Nevada settlements becomes quite a bit more chilling in the pale moonlight. The land first occupied by Native American tribes, later settled by the first Mormons of the West and shepherds hailing from the... Read More

Haunted Virginia City

By Bryan Akerley | Tuesday, October 3, 2017
October is here, and with it comes Halloween decorations, costume shopping and the air of all things spooky. And this may come as no surprise, but no place does spooky like Northern Nevada.   Really, it makes sense. A place so full of history, so integral to the spirit of the American West is bound to leave some of... Read More

Fall Fun in Northern NV

By Bryan Akerley | Wednesday, September 27, 2017
The feeling of fall in Northern Nevada is in full effect. Halloween is just around the corner. Pumpkins placed in front of historic Carson City houses, a colorful medley of leaves covers the town and the smells of warm homemade meals drifts from home to home. There’s so much to look forward to.   As the nights get... Read More

End of Summer Showtime in Northern Nevada

By Bryan Akerley | Wednesday, September 20, 2017
There’s a cool breeze slowly blowing its way through Northern Nevada, and it can only mean one thing: Fall is upon us. It seems like just yesterday I was hoping for the late winter clouds to part and make way for the long overdue warm weather. And while I’m sure there are plenty of sunny days left in the year, it... Read More

Northern NV Steampunk Takeover

By Bryan Akerley | Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Maybe it’s the Old West history, the covered wagon days, saloon shootouts, striking silver or gold in the mines, the great railroads. Maybe it’s just the rolling, sandy hills — the miles upon miles of hot desert like something out of a dystopian book or movie. Or, perhaps, the exotic, eclectic character of the people... Read More