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Carson City is a complicated place. It's calm and simple on the surface with a whole lot going on underneath. For one thing, it's a nice little city with a lot of shopping opportunities, professional services, arts and entertainment surrounded by a nice rural and agricultural region. It creates another layer of activity being located in Nevada, having the casinos and gaming action going on. Throw in the fact that Carson City is the capital of the state, with all of the politics and legislation that this involves, and you've got yourself a bustling little metropolis. With all of that coming and going, it's easy to miss out on something you really wanted to be involved in. One way to stay on top of all the A-list events is to be sure to check our weekly blog. You'll get the news from people who know the capital city best, with the inside story on everything happening from Washoe Valley all the way down to Indian Hills and the Carson Valley and from C-Hill on over toward Mound House and Dayton. From the politicians and the professionals to the ranchers and the retirees, from the state workers to the casino executives, we'll keep you up to date on everything you need to know!

Blog Posts of Carson City

It could be an update of what local bands are playing the lounge circuit this week or a preview of the lineup of celebrities on tap for the Nevada Day parade. Maybe it's a highlight of several top hiking trails in the surrounding hills or some tips for fishing the Carson River. Whatever it is that you want to know about Carson City, just be sure to visit the Carson City blog on a regular basis, and you'll be the best-informed person in town!

Featured Blog

headshot of a cow

"Moo!" Says the Cow

By Keith Rugg | Wednesday, April 7, 2021
With springtime finally here, it’s a lot more fun to take notice of the ranch animals than it is during the dreary cold winter months. When the snow is on the ground, I’m always reminded of that classic old Charlie Russell artwork, “Waiting for a Chinook,” in which the lone survivor of some 5,000 head of cattle stands... Read More
golf ball on tee and golf club

A Non-Golfer's Guide to Carson's Golf Courses

By Keith Rugg | Monday, June 22, 2020
I’ve only been golfing twice in my life, despite living in places where people come from all around the country to do just that. And I can’t deny the appeal of the sport. I mean, a chance to get out in the fresh air for a long walk in the grass, hanging out with a few friends and to top it all off, getting some... Read More
cups of coffee with designs in foam

Coffee. Need We Say More?

By Keith Rugg | Friday, June 19, 2020
Over the past few months, my poor little kitchen coffee pot has seen more use than in the previous two years combined. And to tell you the truth, I’m more than a little bored of drinking my own coffee. With things opening up and people getting out and about as we head into summer, here are a few spots in the Carson... Read More
Sarah Winnemucca Sculpture

Making History the Nevada Way

By Keith Rugg | Tuesday, March 3, 2020
Here we are into March, notorious for its reputation of starting out like a great African jungle cat and wrapping up like a pet tended to by a Basque shepherd. But in addition to the changing weather, top of the mind for March is the fact that it's National Women's History Month. This celebration first began in 1981... Read More

Cures for Carson Cabin Fever

By Keith Rugg | Tuesday, February 18, 2020
Winter in Northern Nevada can stretch on for a long, long time, particularly when someone had the big idea to throw an extra day into February, just for the fun of it. Even during years when the snow season is relatively mild, the thought of springtime sunshine and summer excursions to the old swimmin' hole can have... Read More

Howdy Pardner, This Here is Chocolate Country

By Keith Rugg | Sunday, February 2, 2020
Last week I guided us on a virtual tour of some chocolate and candy shops around Reno, but I don't want to give the impression that you have to be in the big city in order to score some sweet Valentine's Day treats. There's lots of chocolatey goodness to be found outside of the Biggest Little City as well. And there's... Read More