Carson City Hotels

Including Hotels in Minden, Gardnerville and Genoa

Carson City hotels are spread throughout town, and visitors can choose just where they would like to stay based on what events and activities they want to be close to. The different types of places to stay are diverse and plentiful and designed to fit any budget. If you're looking for luxury, you'll most likely find just the right Carson City hotel somewhere along either of the main thoroughfares. The family-style hotels and motels are also located along Highways 395 and 50. Some of these are the sorts of lodging that provide for all your vacation needs, the kind of a place where you can spend all your time having fun and enjoying your relaxation. Others are the type of motel that serves as a base camp, a place to store your belongings, sleep and shower and then head out to take advantage of all of the opportunities that the capital city has to offer. You can even take this latter mode of lodging to the extreme by bringing your own housing with you! There are plenty of RV parks in the area for those who are visiting in their own portable room on wheels. Carson City hotels and inns are as varied as the people who live here and the people who choose to visit here.

The Nevada Experience at Carson City Hotels

The Carson City hotels include a number of bed and breakfast lodgings. These sorts of places to stay can give you the chance to soak up the Silver State atmosphere and help you immerse yourself in the whole spirit of the West. If you are looking for a real Carson City experience when you stay here, you need to consider booking a room at a B&B or a similar inn.

1862 David Walley's Hot Springs Resort & Spa

Genoa Place to Stay
2001 Foothill Road, Genoa
(775) 782-8155

When the name of a property includes the date 1862 you know it has a long and likely colorful history. The original owner was a man named David Walley, who came West in search of his own prosperity in the promise of the Gold Rush and Comstock Lode era. He didn't find his fortune in precious metal, but rather with the therapeutic value of natural... read more

When the name of a property includes the date 1862 you know it has a... read more

Wyndham Garden Hotel

Max Casino
Carson City Place to Stay
900 S. Carson Street, Carson City
(775) 883-6074

Step out of the Max and relax in your comfortable room that's just a short elevator excursion above the main floor casino hub of fun and excitement. Choose the queen or king room or suite that best suits your needs, and you'll have ample amenities to enjoy your stay to the max at the Wyndham Garden. All rooms have a balcony, coffee maker and 40-inch... read more

Step out of the Max and relax in your comfortable room that's just a short... read more