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It's one thing to read quick and easy blog posts about Carson City, but sometimes you want something with a little more meat to it. This is the place to check for more in-depth conversations in the form of Carson City articles. We explore its people, its history, the geography and nature, politics and business. If it happens in Nevada's capital, we'll let you know about it. That could mean a Carson City article about the storied history of our area. It could be a piece on how the city managed to lay claim to being host of the Nevada State Fair. Maybe it's an update on the progress of the freeway connector (or lack thereof). Whatever it is, if it is interesting to the residents of the city or the visitors to our little piece of western Nevada, we'll have something to say about it. Because in a community with as many levels and nuances as Carson City, there's bound to be something that has managed to slip under your radar, and it could just be something that has a big impact on your day-to-day life.

Information That Informs Carson City Articles

Given that our little city happens to be the seat of Nevada state government, actions and activities outside of Carson City can have an impact on us here. No other community has ties to the entire rest of the state like the capital city does, so we'll also keep our ear to the ground for information from Reno, Las Vegas and the rural counties that registers as interesting for the locals. You can think of this site as your one-stop-shop for Carson City articles and information.

Bently Heritage Estate Distillery: Catching the Spirit of the High Sierra in a Bottle

By Keith Rugg
Just as the depths of the Lake of the Sky itself hold countless surprises, the Lake Tahoe area also has so much more to offer than initially meets the eye. One example is the Bently Heritage Estate Distillery.  Located in Minden, Nevada, just east of Lake Tahoe, it’s a quick drive over Spooner Summit. Savvy visitors... Read More

SoL Cannabis, A One-of-a-Kind Dispensary

By Kayla Anderson
On a sunny Saturday autumn afternoon in the peaceful ranchland of Washoe City, Jelly Bread band members are strumming their guitars and singing soulful tunes on a small stone platform set up in front of a perfectly manicured lawn. Properly socially distanced folding chairs provide seating for those who want to dance... Read More