Carson City Golf

One of the attractions of the Capital City is the chance to spend some time on one of the Carson City golf courses. The courses sport a verdant green set amidst the sage and pinion of the High Sierra, and hitting the greens in Northern Nevada provides a golfing experience unlike any other. The courses offer varying lengths and challenges, and all are 18 holes. All of Carson City’s golf courses are public or municipal, so there’s no barrier to you spending a day mimicking the golf greats! And none are that far from the center of town either. For example, Toiyabe Golf Club, in Washoe Valley, is about a 15-minute drive from downtown. Sunridge, to the south, is about the same distance, and the Dayton Valley course is about 25 minutes away. Something to be aware of if you are golfing here or participating in any outdoor physical activity is that Carson City sits at nearly 5,000 above sea level. This altitude might not impact you as severely as if you were golfing up at Lake Tahoe at 6,200 or higher, but it is still something to take into account. You will want to be mindful of the sun because the thinner atmosphere blocks fewer of the rays and you can burn quickly even on a cool day. Drink plenty of water or other liquids to prevent or alleviate the headaches that can sometimes sneak up on visitors who aren't acclimated to the altitude.

Carson City Golf Courses and Packages

The local hotels, resorts and casinos will often offer a package deal in conjunction with the Carson City golf courses. If you are going to be staying in town or if you plan to enjoy some of the other recreational opportunities of the area after a day on the links, check to see if you can line up some special prices on meals, lodging or entertainment.

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