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Family Fun at Carson Valley Swim Center 

Carson Valley Swim Center has something for every family member. The swim center is known locally as "the best place to take your kids", and has close ties with the local school districts, senior community, and it's public safety departments. With both indoor and outdoor pools, the fun is year round and never stops at the Carson Valley Swim Center. 

Carson Valley Pool Has Swim Lessons 

The Carson Valley Swim Center offers swim lessons for everyone aged 6 months to 13 years, at various skill levels and even offers adult swim lessons. We have a certified U.S. Masters swim instructor to fit every need and desire. These adult classes are offered in small sessions of 3 per session. 

Tons of Amenities at this Carson Valley Pool

CVSC offers guests a ton of amenities including rentals, lifeguard training, water aerobics, and even a fitness center. This Carson Valley pool also has both large and small water slides, and a 16-foot rock wall over a nice, 85-degree pool.