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Fitness is not an activity. It's a lifestyle. At Well Being Massage and Functional Fitness discover the difference with our experienced trainers, flexible programs and specialized tools to help you look, feel and be healthy. 

Our core philosophy is built around functional fitness designed to improve daily, physical activity and reduce injury. 

Find the program that fits you:

Group Fitness Classes

  • Tidal Wave: Increase strength, endurance and boost metabolism with water rowers
  • Ageless Training: Improve strength and stability at any age with this self-paced, full-body workout
  • Body Recharge: Restore muscles and relieve joints with foam rolling and trigger point balls
  • Boot Camp Express: High Interval Training (HIT) during your lunch break
  • HIT Mania: Results, fast
  • META-TRiX: Challenge the whole body with suspension and other tools

Personal Training & Massage

For a more customized experience, receive a free full body assessment and have one of our certified trainers design a program just for you including nutrition and lifestyle coaching, reconditioning, personalized routines and access to the training facility.

Our therapeutic and holistic approaches to massage ensure we match every client with the right technique. Chronic pain, rehab and athletic injury are just a few of the ailments we assess and treat. If you're just looking for a way to relax, we can help you there, too. 

• Deep Tissue Massage   • Positional Releases Therapy   • Sports Massage   • Acupressure   • Myofascial Therapy