Carson City Restaurants

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Carson City restaurants offer a complete range of dining options. When you are in the downtown area, you've got everything from classic casino coffee shops and places for a quick bite of lunch to brew pubs for the after-hours professional crowd and fine dining restaurants for the state legislators. It's all within a small area that has everything within walking distance, jam-packed with history and right near all the goings-on of the state government. Once you get a little farther away from the capitol building, you'll find the types of eateries that cater to families and more casual diners. Tucked away on side streets and in the corners of shopping centers are hidden gems of Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Mexican cuisine. There are even French and Basque diners among the Carson City restaurants. For those who enjoy drinking with their dining, some of the most historic bars and pubs in the state are located in Carson City. If you're looking for some place to eat that's outside of the downtown area, you'll need some sort of transportation to explore all that the city has to offer. Located at the intersection of two major highways, much of the community is spread out for miles along these lines, and many of the great Carson City restaurants are far from the center of the city. Carson City also has its share of classic bars where you can grab your favorite concoction, maybe shoot a game of pool, smoke a cigar and just unwind with some like-minded friends. The atmosphere goes from dive bar to a saloon in an historic landmark to sports oriented. A few of these spots are also no-smoking. 

Carson City Restaurants in Casinos

Carson City restaurants and Carson City casinos go hand-in-hand, with 24-hour diners, buffets and that Nevada specialty, steak and eggs for breakfast. Some of the old favorites are located downtown, but as the city has grown, so has the space available to the gaming establishments. These days, you'll find Carson City restaurants in casinos on the main route south of the Capitol and on your way as the capital city stretches east toward the Nevada interior.

The Basil

Carson City Restaurant
311 N. Carson Street, Carson City
(775) 841-6100

On the historic main stretch of Carson Street in downtown Carson City, The Basil serves creative Thai cuisine in an art-adorned fine-dining atmosphere. The Basil's mouthwatering entrées include traditionally popular Pad Thai, Spicy Basil Noodles (cooked with the restaurant's signature Thai basil) as well as deep-fried honey-roasted duck. Try the chicken, beef, pork, shrimp or tofu alongside pan-fried Thai chilis, bell peppers, garlic and onions... read more

On the historic main stretch of Carson Street in downtown Carson City, The Basil serves... read more

The Union

Carson City Restaurant
302 N. Carson Street, Carson City
(775) 885-7307

Renowned Reno chef Mark Estee's latest venture is in downtown Carson City at the historic red-brick brewery building on Carson Street and Proctor. The Union boasts an eclectic menu of locally grown and sourced foods in authentic Basque, Italian and American dishes as well as wood-fired pizza. Locals remember this location as the former spot of Lake Tahoe Brewing Company and High Sierra Brewing Company,... read more

Renowned Reno chef Mark Estee's latest venture is in downtown Carson City at the historic... read more