Carson City Shopping

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Anyone who thinks there isn't very much diversity in the capital city has obviously never gone Carson City shopping! The downtown area is a hotbed of cute little shops including art, antiques, boutiques, books and other specialty items of all sorts. Just the names alone of these offbeat stores is enough to put a smile on your face. Close by and near the main street, the tone reflects the wild and wooly gambling history of the city, with coin shops and small businesses carrying artifacts of yesteryear. Just a little bit south, past the business district, you'll find shopping centers with stores and shops that cover all your needs, from high fashion to cowboy clothing and sporting goods to dry goods. And the city is larger than it looks to someone just driving through. There are so many nooks and crannies offering shopping opportunities that you never know what you'll find when you turn the corner. Musical instruments? You bet. Comics and collectibles? No problem. Clothing? Souvenirs? Home supplies? Harley gear? Computers and tech? Furniture? Pet supplies? If you can name it, you can find it in Carson City, shopping on or off of the main strip. The biggest problem isn't whether it's here; instead, it's how to choose from among all the options.

Carson City Shopping Specialties

Something that may surprise visitors when they go Carson City shopping is the ethnic diversity that we offer in our little Western town. The history of the Silver State is one that includes contributions by many different people of different origins and nationalities, and this is reflected in the shopping opportunities you'll find here. A tour of our shops and stores is almost as good as a history lesson at the state museum!

America West Guns is an emporium of firearms and firearm accessories. Specializing in Class III Weapons and offering permit classes for Nevada, Utah more

Antiques Plus is in the historic Dake House, a home built in the 1870s. Each room of the first floor of this Victorian-style house is full of antique more

Art in Stone supplies granite, tile, quartz and marble for your flooring redesign. It cuts the stone into slabs, supplies setting materials and more

AutoZone is a chain of automotive parts retailers. The store sells batteries for all types of cars, replacement parts like brake pads, headlights more

Batteries+Bulbs is a chain of stores specializing in exactly what the name suggests. Find batteries both big (car and truck, ATV, boat) and small ( more

Right on Gardnerville's downtown stretch is Battle Born Wine, a specialty alcoholic beverage store taking its name from Nevada's favorite slogan. The more

Bed Bath & Beyond is a chain of retail stores selling just about everything when it comes to home goods. There are walls full of bedding and bath more