Shoe Tree Brewing Company

1496 Old Hot Springs Road, Carson City
(775) 222-0108

The famous "shoe tree" north of Reno was a lone tree on the side of the highway where travelers began a tradition of flinging a pair of shoes onto its branches until the whole tree was filled with hanging shoes. That roadside attraction is now a legend as the tree was recently taken down, but that's how Shoe Tree Brewing Company in Carson City got its name and keeps the story alive. Located by the historic Hot Springs, Shoe Tree is a brand new brewery and tasting room where you can walk right in, take a seat at the bar and have a pint of craft beer. There's the Vanilla Cream Ale, Bavarian Honey Wheat Ale, Extra Pale IPA and non-alcoholic root beer and cold brew coffee. Have a flight to try each kind and look right through the taproom's window to see the brewing in action on the other side of the wall. Shoe Tree just opened its doors this year, so there's plenty more to come!