Carson City Transportation

Carson City is similar to many of the other classic western communities in that it is spread out, taking advantage of the wide open spaces with which we've been blessed. And this means that Carson City transportation is a very important topic, because walking to and from your destination is just not a viable option in most cases. If you have your own vehicle, that's great, and you can simply drive from Point A to Point B without much problem, given the city's north-south and east-west orientation. But without a car of your own, you'll need to utilize other means of Carson City transportation, and that can mean a wide range of options such as taxi or bus, bike or shuttle or some less traditional mode of getting around. Of course, if you are willing to be adventurous, Carson City transportation could mean something entirely different such as a nod to the Old West heritage of the area with a ride on an old-fashioned train. You could even arrange a horseback ride if you had the inclination, although the trip would tend to be one that ended in the same place that it began … this is more for fun than for functional transportation these days!

Carson City Transportation and Beyond

Another aspect of Carson City transportation that is similar to other cities in the West is that we often have to travel outside of the community, to other towns or to the rural areas. Many of the transportation options in the area understand this need and are able to provide reliable travel between the neighboring communities such as Minden and Gardnerville, Tahoe or Reno. So feel free to explore the Capital City and all of the rest of Northern Nevada!