Gwaylon Leaf: Chinoiseries Exhibition

This Event has no scheduled dates at this time. It last occurred on Thursday, January 26, 2023.
Capital City Arts Initiative, Gwaylon Leaf: Chinoiseries Exhibition
Event Description: 

The Capital City Arts Initiative’s exhibition, Chinoiseries, presents Gwaylon Leaf’s paintings that use a visual language synthesized from Taoist coded language and symbols. 

Growing up surrounded by Taoist philosophy and Chinese art instilled in him a fascination for the calligraphic form. This influence comes from his father who was an artist and professor of art. His childhood was punctuated by frequent trips to San Francisco where the fog and mist of the bay area created a fascination with that sense of isolation and visual filtering the fogs create. He smiled, “Growing up eating my noodles with chopsticks gave me a mixed sense of perspective to the world.” 


Where is the event?

Carson City Courthouse
885 E Musser Street
Carson City
(775) 887-2082

Capital City Arts Initiative

108 E Proctor Street
Carson City
(775) 721-7424