Large & Medium Format B & W Film

Brewery Arts Center, Large & Medium Format B & W Film

Large & Medium Format B & W Film This is a one-on-one class that is tailored to meet your experience and interests. Tell us what you want to learn and we will shape the class to meet your needs. Included will be two photo outings where you can use one of our 4x5 or medium format cameras…or use your own. Photo sessions will be to areas your instructor recently covered on magazine assignments. Topics covered: choosing the right film for the job, loading film (roll film cameras, 4x5 film holders, or roll film backs), mixing chemicals that best match your film, film developing, setting up the darkroom for printing, making test prints and the final 8x10 prints, and how to organize and store your negatives. For the lab sessions we provide the chemistry and paper. You purchase the film and develop it using our professional quality CPE-2 Jobo Rotary Processor. If you need a refresher on some of the photography basics, we will take the time to bring you up to speed.

Tuition: $200 Four half-day sessions

Contact instructor to schedule a class

Instructor: Richard Massey 775-741-7751


$200.00 for 4 half day sessions
Ticket purchase & pre-registration required

Where is the activity?

Brewery Arts Center (See address and directions on the rightbelow)

Brewery Arts Center

449 W. King St.
Carson City
(775) 883-1976