Dana Lee Fruend, August 2016

By Erin Pearson

"Black Bear Diner inside the Max Casino!

The Black Bear Diner is so cute with bear decorations, interesting pictures and photographs. The outside has a lovely wood carved bench and a beautiful, wooden train.

Inside, it is clean, nice seating, excellent, thoughtful service and a creative, eclectic menu. 

Selections are enticing from breakfast specialty pancakes to burgers, homestyle dinners, salads, specials and yummy cobblers, cakes and pies. The background music was nostalgic and low.

Jack Morgan, April 2017

By Erin Pearson

"Great food, good service and reasonable prices. Throw in some good friends and the result was spectacular. Always a pleasure no matter when I eat there."

Pam Jesus Trevino, January 2017

By Erin Pearson

"This is a great place to eat! We had breakfast there, and they give you so much food, that we had to split a Volcano! Their pancakes are the best!!"

Karlee Laguna, February 2017

By Erin Pearson

"We have now been to 5 different Black Bear Diners...loved them all. The waitress we had at this particular one; was super friendly and very helpful in answering questions we had (what she didn't know...she asked someone else). She also referred us to the BBD passport program. Excited to check that out!!! We will be back."

Bretta Leach, November 2016

By Erin Pearson

"Another of mine and hubby's places to go!! We first tried it in Monterey and fell in love with the cozy atmosphere, friendly staff and the portions of food! Though they don't make what I fell in love with, I love trying new things here because I've never been disappointed so far! Amazing place! We love it! Rock on!"