Algae Treatment

Includes super chlorination, a full dump & scrub, an additional ½ dump to remove remaining algae, soaking and rinsing of filters, refill spa, the addition of algaecide, and balance of chemicals


In our repair department we can be trusted to never change parts that are not in need of changing and take pride in having tubs and pools up and running as fast as possible. 

Seasonal Service

Tub set up and Winterization charges apply at the beginning and end of each season.

Water Changes/Dump & Scrub

Water change or shell polish requires a “Dump and Scrub” which includes draining the water, scrubbing the entire shell (including the filter cavity and cover), rinsing it down, removing rinsed water, rinsing the filters, refilling the spa and balancing the chemicals.

The determination to change the water is made by the technician after testing the water’s ability to be chemically re-balanced in the time allotted before next use.

Weekly Service

Service/visit includes all chemicals, water balance, scrub water line, cover and filter cavity, rinse filters when necessary, remove debris, inspect all surface equipment, test pumps and heater.

Additional services are available!